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codablock and UdjinM6 Fix a crash happening before budget activation and bump Dash proto ve…
…rsion (#61)

* Check for 'payee' being in the 'masternode' object first before using it

For some reason, old 12.3.x versions have an empty 'masternode' object
in the block template before the budget activates. This is only happening
when resetting testnet, but might also be a problem in the future when
used on devnets.

* Bump proto version to 70213

As used on the new testnet and later on mainnet.
Latest commit 222f57a Dec 28, 2018



  • Dashd >=
  • Python >=2.7
  • Twisted >=13.0.0
  • Zope.interface >=3.8.0


sudo apt-get install python-zope.interface python-twisted python-twisted-web python-dev
sudo apt-get install gcc g++

Install Python modules:

Download the required submodules:

git submodule init
git submodule update


cd dash_hash
python install --user

Running P2Pool:

To use P2Pool, you must be running your own local dashd. For standard configurations, using P2Pool should be as simple as:


Then run your miner program, connecting to on port 7903 with any username and password.

If you are behind a NAT, you should enable TCP port forwarding on your router. Forward port 9998 to the host running P2Pool.

Run for additional options.

python --help

Official wiki :

Alternate web front end :


Thanks to:

  • The Bitcoin Foundation for its generous support of P2Pool
  • The Litecoin Project for its generous donations to P2Pool
  • The Vertcoin Community for its great contribution to P2Pool
  • jakehaas, vertoe, chaeplin, dstorm, poiuty, elbereth and mr.slaveg from the Darkcoin/Dash Community