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fsspec-compatible Azure Datake and Azure Blob Storage access
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Dask interface to Azure-Datalake Gen1 and Gen2 Storage

Warning: this code is experimental and untested.


This package is on PyPi and can be installed using:

pip install adlfs

To use the Gen1 filesystem:

import dask.dataframe as dd
from fsspec.registry import known_implementations
known_implementations['adl'] = {'class': 'adlfs.AzureDatalakeFileSystem'}
STORAGE_OPTIONS={'tenant_id': TENANT_ID, 'client_id': CLIENT_ID, 'client_secret': CLIENT_SECRET}

dd.read_csv('adl://{STORE_NAME}/{FOLDER}/*.csv', storage_options=STORAGE_OPTIONS}

To use the Gen2 filesystem:

import dask.dataframe as dd
from fsspec.registry import known_implementations
known_implementations['abfs'] = {'class': 'adlfs.AzureDatalakeFileSystem'}
STORAGE_OPTIONS={'account_name': ACCOUNT_NAME, 'account_key': ACCOUNT_KEY}

ddf = dd.read_csv('abfs://{CONTAINER}/{FOLDER}/*.csv', storage_options=STORAGE_OPTIONS}
ddf = dd.read_csv('abfs://{CONTAINER}/folder.parquet', storage_options=STORAGE_OPTIONS}


The package includes pythonic filesystem implementations for both Azure Datalake Gen1 and Azure Datalake Gen2, that facilitate interactions between both Azure Datalake implementations and Dask. This is done leveraging the intake/filesystem_spec base class and Azure Python SDKs.

Operations against both Gen1 Datalake currently only work with an Azure ServicePrincipal with suitable credentials to perform operations on the resources of choice.

Operations against the Gen2 Datalake are implemented by leveraging multi-protocol access, using the Azure Blob Storage Python SDK. Authentication is currently implemented only by the ACCOUNT_NAME and an ACCOUNT_KEY.

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