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Repository of example Datavyu scripts.

Initially, this repository was meant to provide template scripts that were flexible enough to demonstrate a functionality for a wide range of users and easy enough to modify to allow new users to take advantage of the powerful features available through scripting without having to invest an onerous amount of time to learn to code in Ruby.

We have since decided that providing actual scripts as used by labs might be useful for users wishing to become familiar with the Datavyu API. While we have reference pages for the functions in the API, seeing the functions in context in scripts used by researchers (rather than contrived examples) may help users better understand how to use the API. These scripts can be found inside the Pre-1.3.6 folder. The scripts have been edited to change folder names to something generic (e.g. the Desktop) and renamed to follow a single naming convention.

Template scripts have a comment at the very top of the file with a high-level description of what the script does. Following this is the "Parameters" section. The parameters section allows users to edit attributes related to a specific coding pass (e.g. column name, code names) while keeping the functionality the same. The next section is the "Body" of the script, which contains the code to perform the operations on the Datavyu spreadsheet.


Repository of example Datavyu Scripts



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