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buildstatus Examples for Learning Spark

Examples for the Learning Spark book. These examples require a number of libraries and as such have long build files. We have also added a stand alone example with minimal dependencies and a small build file in the mini-complete-example directory.

These examples have been updated to run against Spark 1.3 so they may be slightly different than the versions in your copy of "Learning Spark".


  • JDK 1.7 or higher
  • Scala 2.10.3
  • Spark 1.3
  • Protobuf compiler
  • On debian you can install with sudo apt-get install protobuf-compiler
  • R & the CRAN package Imap are required for the ChapterSixExample
  • The Python examples require urllib3

Python examples

From spark just run ./bin/pyspark ./src/python/[example]

Spark Submit

You can also create an assembly jar with all of the dependencies for running either the java or scala versions of the code and run the job with the spark-submit script

./sbt/sbt assembly OR mvn package cd $SPARK_HOME; ./bin/spark-submit --class com.oreilly.learningsparkexamples.[lang].[example] ../learning-spark-examples/target/scala-2.10/learning-spark-examples-assembly-0.0.1.jar

Learning Spark


Example code from Learning Spark book




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