DataCleaner extension for ElasticSearch
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ElasticSearch for DataCleaner

This is a DataCleaner ( extension for using the ElasticSearch ( search engine in indexing and searching reference data.

Currently the extension contains these DataCleaner components:

  • ElasticSearch indexer (Analyze menu)

    This component allows you to build a (new or existing) search index by feeding in records to it. Each record will become a document in the search index. Each column of the record needs to be mapped to a field in the search index.

  • ElasticSearch document ID lookup (Transform menu)

    Performs a document lookup for each record, based on ID. This transformation is the equivalent of looking up records in a database by their primary key.

  • ElasticSearch full text search (Transform menu)

    Performs a search for each record, into a search index. The component allows searching across all fields or by setting a specific field to use for matching. The result of the transformation is a Document ID and a Document (represented as a map), which can further be processed by e.g. the built-in Data structures (Transform menu) components of DataCleaner.

Please feel free to fork, and to provide feedback in any form.