A simplified wrapper for Python's logging module
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A simplified version of Python’s logging module. Debugging levels, log formatting and log output are preconfigured. Grip and rip.

Inspired by the logging shortcuts in everyblock_code.


Django is not required, but it adds some functionality. By default, messages at or above logging module’s “debug” level are dumped into a local file.
That is unless Django’s DEBUG setting is set to True, when messages are also broadcast through stdout.


01. Download the module

pip install latimes-qiklog

02. If you want to integrate with Django, add the following variable to settings.py

LOG_DIRECTORY = './whatever/logs/'


01. Fire it up

>> from qiklog import QikLog
>> logger = QikLog('latimes.whatever')

02. Make it sing

>> logger.log.warn('WARN')
>> logger.log.info('INFO')
>> logger.log.debug('DEBUG')

03. Watch the logs pour in

#If Django's DEBUG is True
$ tail -f ./whatever/logs/latimes.whatever
#If Django's DEBUG is False, or you've passed force_debug_mode=False into QikLog, it'll fly through stdout.


This code is under the MIT license. Do with it what you will.