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Colandr Front End

Front End server for Colandr API.


You will need nodejs and npm to get started. I'd also recommend installing the n package so that you can manage node versions. To run this repo, you'l need Node 6.x.x.

  1. Fork and then clone this repository.
  2. Run npm install in the newly created folder.
  3. Run npm install --global gulp anywhere.
  4. Update the .env.sample file with the appropriate values and then rename as .env.
  5. Run gulp.

Note: Gulp will run a linter, process .scss files, and start a server. You must at least run gulp once in order for the application to work. If you only want to run the server afterwards, you may run:

gulp nodemon

You will be able to access the front end application on port 3000 by default.


Currently, the app uses the environment variables in .env to keep you logged in if you're running on development. If you'd like to log in as normal, find the nodemonConfig inside of ./gulpfile.js:

const nodemonConfig = {
  script: paths.server,
  ext: 'html js css scss',
  ignore: ['node_modules'],
  env: {
    NODE_ENV: 'development'

Change that NODE_ENV value to anything else but development.