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Plone theme template with Webpack built resources

Plone theme template for building all Plone CSS and JavaScript resources with Webpack, completely bypassing Plone 5 resource registry.


  • Webpack-optimized chunked resources with asynchronous loading.
  • Convenient theme development with Webpack's hot module replacement.
  • Complete control of all the resources and their versions.
  • No RequireJS, no Bower, no Grunt, no RequireJS configurations distributed across the ecosystem. All configuration in a single ./webpack.config.js.
  • Easy integration for Babel and other recent JS tools with Webpack.


  • You are on your own. No more JS / CSS updates with new Python package releases.
  • Installing a new Plone add-on requires configuring and building add-on's resources into theme.


  • Git, GNU make, NodeJS >= 4 with npm
  • Plone-compatible Python 2.7 environment

Getting started

Clone the project:

$ git clone
$ cd plonetheme.webpack

Build the included Barceloneta based theme (into ./build):

$ make

Buildout a local Plone-site with the included theme available (by ./build being mapped as filesystem resource directory for the site):

$ make bin/instance
$ bin/instance fg

Open http://localhost:8080, create a new Plone site with id Plone, go to theming control panel at the site setup and activate the included theme.

Try developing the theme with Webpack development server:

$ make watch

Open the Plone site at http://localhost:8080/Plone, edit the styles for logged in users at ./src/plone-logged-in.less and see the changes being automatically updated.

Known issues

  • Webpack requires absolute public path for its asynchronously loaded resources. This defaults to /Plone/++theme++webpack/ but can be customized with an enviroment variable as in PUBLIC_PATH=/site/++theme++mytheme/ make build.
  • LESS compiler chokes (running out of memory because of endless recursion) in cases, where bootstrap's variables are included by two different LESS imports in a single LESS requirements. Fixing this has required splitting LESS imports behind separate requires (e.g. requires separate LESS requires for the pattern and layout control panel).