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DataLad datasets

Collection of interesting open data resources in the form of DataLad datasets. If you want to help curating this collection, please get in touch.


  1. Collection of great (and free) machine learning books

    110 74

  2. ohbm2020-posters Public archive

    Centralized registry of Jitsi rooms and pdfs for OHBM 2020 posters.

    JavaScript 33 85

  3. WU-Minn HCP1200 Data: 3T/7T MR scans from young healthy adults twins and non-twin siblings (ages 22-35) [T1w, T2w, resting-state and task fMRI, high angular resolution dMRI]

    30 5

  4. A large and highly detailed volumetric cloud data set, intended to be used for various purposes, including movie and game production as well as research.

    5 2



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