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0.11.5 (May 23, 2019) -- stability is not overrated

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@yarikoptic yarikoptic released this 28 May 14:11
· 7895 commits to master since this release
Should be faster and less buggy, with a few enhancements.


- [create-sibling][]  ([#3318][])
  - Siblings are no longer configured with a post-update hook unless a
    web interface is requested with `--ui`.
  - `git submodule update --init` is no longer called from the
    post-update hook.
  - If `--inherit` is given for a dataset without a superdataset, a
    warning is now given instead of raising an error.
- The internal command runner failed on Python 2 when its `env`
  argument had unicode values.  ([#3332][])
- The safeguard that prevents creating a dataset in a subdirectory
  that already contains tracked files for another repository failed on
  Git versions before 2.14.  For older Git versions, we now warn the
  caller that the safeguard is not active.  ([#3347][])
- A regression introduced in v0.11.1 prevented [save][] from committing
  changes under a subdirectory when the subdirectory was specified as
  a path argument.  ([#3106][])
- A workaround introduced in v0.11.1 made it possible for [save][] to
  do a partial commit with an annex file that has gone below the
  `annex.largefiles` threshold.  The logic of this workaround was
  faulty, leading to files being displayed as typechanged in the index
  following the commit.  ([#3365][])
- The resolve_path() helper confused paths that had a semicolon for
  SSH RIs.  ([#3425][])
- The detection of SSH RIs has been improved.  ([#3425][])

 Enhancements and new features

- The internal command runner was too aggressive in its decision to
  sleep.  ([#3322][])
- The "INFO" label in log messages now retains the default text color
  for the terminal rather than using white, which only worked well for
  terminals with dark backgrounds.  ([#3334][])
- A short flag `-R` is now available for the `--recursion-limit` flag,
  a flag shared by several subcommands.  ([#3340][])
- The authentication logic for [create-sibling-github][] has been
  revamped and now supports 2FA.  ([#3180][])
- New configuration option `datalad.ui.progressbar` can be used to
  configure the default backend for progress reporting ("none", for
  example, results in no progress bars being shown).  ([#3396][])
- A new progress backend, available by setting datalad.ui.progressbar
  to "log", replaces progress bars with a log message upon completion
  of an action.  ([#3396][])
- DataLad learned to consult the [NO_COLOR][] environment variable and
  the new `datalad.ui.color` configuration option when deciding to
  color output.  The default value, "auto", retains the current
  behavior of coloring output if attached to a TTY ([#3407][]).
- [clean][] now removes annex transfer directories, which is useful
  for cleaning up failed downloads. ([#3374][])
- [clone][] no longer refuses to clone into a local path that looks
  like a URL, making its behavior consistent with `git clone`.
- [wtf][]
  - Learned to fall back to the `dist` package if `platform.dist`,
    which has been removed in the yet-to-be-release Python 3.8, does
    not exist.  ([#3439][])
  - Gained a `--section` option for limiting the output to specific
    sections and a `--decor` option, which currently knows how to
    format the output as GitHub's `<details>` section.  ([#3440][])