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Periodically GET an HTTP resource and write response metrics to Seq
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Seq Health Check Build status NuGet package

Periodically GET an HTTP resource and write response metrics to Seq. These can then be used as a basis for alerting and diagnostics.

Events in Seq

Getting started

  1. The app requires Seq 5.1 or newer
  2. Navigate to Settings > Apps and select Install from NuGet
  3. Install the app with package id Seq.Input.HealthCheck
  4. Back on the Apps screen, choose Add Instance
  5. Enter a title for the health check; events raised by the health check will be tagged with this
  6. Enter a URL to probe
    • the URL must respond to GET requests
    • if the URL is an HTTPS URL, the Seq server must trust the SSL certificate used by the server
    • the response will be fully downloaded on every check, so ideally the resource won't be more than a few kB
  7. Enter a probing interval in seconds; each event is stored internally in Seq, so be aware that shorter intervals will consume more space
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