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Allowing bytea columns to migrate by ignoring length #33

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miegs3 Piotr Solnica Christian Meier Jordan Ritter

I found that I was unable to migrate into postgres when defining a binary property because the column was being defined with the default length.
Currently TEXT, CLOB and NVARCHAR were ignoring the length so I've added bytea to this list.

Jordan Ritter

Seems fine.

cc: @solnic

Piotr Solnica solnic merged commit 4713f67 into from
Piotr Solnica solnic closed this
Piotr Solnica

@miegs3 thanks!

Christian Meier

will that see a release one day ? kind of difficult to monkey patch this to get datamapper migration working on heroku:

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Oct 04, 2011
miegs3 miegs3 Ignore the length property for bytea columns. f091e37
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  1. +1 1  lib/dm-migrations/adapters/dm-do-adapter.rb
2  lib/dm-migrations/adapters/dm-do-adapter.rb
@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ def property_schema_hash(property)
202 202
203 203 schema_primitive = schema[:primitive]
204 204
205   - if dump_class.equal?(String) && schema_primitive != 'TEXT' && schema_primitive != 'CLOB' && schema_primitive != 'NVARCHAR'
  205 + if dump_class.equal?(String) && schema_primitive != 'TEXT' && schema_primitive != 'CLOB' && schema_primitive != 'NVARCHAR' && schema_primitive != 'BYTEA'
206 206 schema[:length] = property.length
207 207 elsif dump_class.equal?(BigDecimal) || dump_class.equal?(Float)
208 208 schema[:precision] = property.precision

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