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The Development of Seamate, the "Seahub Customizier" from datamate stopped. Please use the new version on
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ATTENTION: seamate is dead, long live seamate!

The development of this github-project was stopped. A new version (compatible with Seafile 6.3 and 7.x) and all future developments can be found at

What is seamate?

Seamate is an add-on for Seahub, the web interface of the file syncing and sharing software Seafile, that allows the easy modification of Seahub‘s look.

With seamate you can change:

  • the used font
  • the colors of the text and the links
  • thickness and color of the borders
  • the background image of the login screen

Do you have an example?

The changes can be done directly in the admin area of seahub.

Virtually every Seahub graphic element can be changed. There are virtually no limits to freedom.

Also, the home page is redesigned with seamate to allow larger logos.

What next?

Information about the use, installation, technical implementation and a compatability list can be found in our wiki.
Seamate wiki on github.

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