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Dockerised Jenkins with SSL support using nginx and letsencrypt
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Dockerised Jenkins with SSL support using Nginx and Let's Encrypt


Docker and docker-compose:


Your domain needs to be publicly resolvable and accessible from the internet.

Modify the domain and e-mail address inside the docker-compose.yml:

# Used by `nginx-proxy` to automatically proxy the traffic to the `nginx` docker
# Used by `letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion` to generate SSL certificates

Bring up the services:

docker-compose up

Access your jenkins on: Note that on the first run it could take few minutes to initialise the Let's Encrypt.

Local testing

For development purposes, you could run boulder, the CA server behind Let's Encrypt:

Alternatively you can use Their free service is sufficient to test this example.

  • Register with and download ngrok app
  • Run locally ngrok http 80 and note
  • Replace inside docker-compose.yml with and with your e-mail address
  • Add to your /etc/hosts the mapping to the ngrok domain: You need this step, otherwise your call to this domain will be routed through
  • Run docker-compose up

What happens after running this example is the following:

  • Let's encrypt will generate new certificate
  • It will call which will be redirected to our localhost, courtesy of You can confirm this behaviour when checking: http://localhost:4040/inspect/http
  • Navigate to and setup your Jenkins.


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