A set of miscellaneous and common Dropwizard utilities
nicktelford Add simpler kafka producer API
Can now directly write messages without having to create intermediary
`KeyedMessage` or `ProducerData` objects.
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Dropwizard Extra

For those not content with the already excellent Dropwizard

This is a bunch of additional abstractions and utilities that extend Dropwizard.

To keep the nightmare of transitive dependencies at bay, there are several modules:

Full documentation for the latest release is available on the generated Maven Site.


Dropwizard Extra is published to Maven Central, so just add the module(s) you wish to use to your pom.xml:


Or whatever you need to do to make SBT/Gradle/Ivy/Buildr/etc. happy.


Dropwizard Extra is versioned in lock-step with upstream Dropwizard.

All Dropwizard Extra modules have a transitive dependency on the version of Dropwizard they're built against. The versioning scheme for Dropwizard Extra is as follows:


The "release number" signifies the differences between two builds of Dropwizard Extra that are built against the same upstream version of Dropwizard.

The practical consequence of this is that an upgrade of Dropwizard Extra will often require an upgrade of Dropwizard itself, however, this is always clearly indicated by the version number of Dropwizard Extra itself.


This software is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0