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Full API Reference

Pull Request

The parameters will be sent as HTTP headers.

PCI Proxy PULL Endpoint:
  • Mandatory input parameters:
HTTP header Description Example value
X-CC-URL Specifies the target URL that will be called
X-CC-MERCHANT-ID Your merchant ID 1000011011
X-CC-SIGN Configured security sign 130709090849785405
  • Optional input paramter:
HTTP Header Description Example value
X-CC-TRUST-CERT If target URL server has invalid certificate, this parameter can be used to ignore the certificate. Useful for tests when implementing partners use self signed certificates on URLs simulating 3rd parties. Header should be avoided (not sent) in production environments! yes/no/true/false/on/off
X-CC-ITEM Xpath expression pointing to “record” /reservations/reservation
X-CC-NUMBER XPath expression relative to “record” to locate card number customer/cc_number
  • Example POST:
curl \
-H "Content-Type: text/xml" \
-H "X-CC-SIGN: 30916165706580013" \
-H "X-CC-MERCHANT-ID: 1000011011" \
-H "X-CC-URL:" \
-d '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>


In turn, the proxy will return HTTP headers:

HTTP Header Description
X-CC-ERROR-CODE Returned by the proxy in case of error only. See the error table below.
X-CC-ERROR Returned by the proxy in case of error only. See the error table below.
X-CC-MATCHES Returned by the proxy in case of success. The value represents the number of total (card to alias / alias to card) replacements that were made.
X-CC-MATCHES-CA Returned number of card to alias replacements.
X-CC-MATCHES-AC Returned number of alias to card replacements.

Special error case:

If the proxy is able to parse and correctly match the replacement targets, but an error occurs during the tokenization or detokenization, the match will be replaced with the following possible constants (length 16):

Possible Constants Error message (X-CC-ERROR) Cause/explanation
0000000000000000 Invalid card number The card number was matched but was invalid.
0000000000000001 Internal error The card number was matched, but internal error occurred during transformation to alias.

For instance: If a channel response contains three card numbers and one of them fails to validate or convert, the two successful replacement tokens will be present in the returned document and the failed card number will be replaced with one of the two special constants above. No X-CC-ERROR or X-CC-ERROR-CODE headers will be returned and X-CC-MATCHES will have value “2”.

Error Codes

Error cases (returned with headers X-CC-ERROR-CODE and X-CC-ERROR):

Error code Error message Cause/explanation
1 Missing header: <HEADER-NAME> Missing required header in request.
2 Invalid merchantId Merchant not found, disabled or not properly configured. Please contact Datatrans support.
3 Target host not allowed: X-CC-URL The target URL is not allowed. Please contact Datatrans Support.
4 Invalid merchant setup - security sign was not defined Merchant did not define the security sign.
5 Invalid sign The provided X-CC-SIGN is wrong.
6 Invalid proxy type: <PROXY_TYPE_NAME> The provided merchant/url headers did not match to a valid known proxy type. Please contact Datatrans Support.
7 Invalid XPath: <X-CC-ITEM> or <X-CC-NUMBER> Invalid XPath expression in request.
50 Missing parameter: <PARAMETER-NAME> PUSH request parameter missing.
100 Unsupported method: <METHOD-NAME> Unsupported HTTP method
200 Could not apply xPath on xml response: <XPATH-EXPRESSION> There was an error applying the xpath expression
201 Denied by velocity check Sent during alias to card conversion (if such case) if there were too many attempts to convert bad aliases to cards.
202 Denied by parallel connection checker Security measure which avoids that there were sent too many requests parallel.
203 Denied by whitelist IP is not whitelisted on PCI Proxy. Please contact PCI Proxy Support.
300 Unknown content type in 3rd party response: <CONTENT-TYPE> The proxy is not able to parse the 3rd party response as xml or html.
301 Unknown content type in source request: <CONTENT-TYPE> Proxy cannot parse source response as xml or html.
400 Pull not configured There is no pull configuration for the specified merchant. Please contact Datatrans Support.
401 Missing push configuration for: <REASON> Wrong merchant configuration. Please contact Datatrans Support.
800 Connection error Proxy could not connect to 3rd party / error that cause no response (read timeout or DNS error). Proxy returns HTTP status 504 (Gateway Timeout) and an empty response.
900 Proxy error Uncategorized system error
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