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A postgres to mongo Migration framework
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version 1.0

A hassle-free postresql to mongo migration framework.

Usage steps:

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Locate to pg2mongo/pg2mongo/
  3. Modify pg2mongo.yml based on your requirements.
  4. invoke the migration by executing '' as:
$ python3

Configuring pg2mongo.yml:

The structure of pg2mongo.yml goes as follows (The yaml file provided over here is just an example provided along with the script):

    HOST : localhost 
    USER : postgres
    DATABASE : fandom
    HOST : localhost
    USER :
    DATABASE : fandom
    INIT_TABLE: universes
        - id as uv_id
        - universe as trax_universe
        - created_at as trax_created_at
        - KEY1 = {}
        - KEY2 = {}
        - heroes
        - weapons
    TABLES :
        heroes :
            condition : universe_id = uv_id
                #Dictionary's key ==> Postgres Field of the corresponding schema.table1
            mapping   :
                - KEY1['hero_id'] = %s['hero_id']
                - KEY1['universe_id'] = %s['universe_id']
                - KEY1['name'] = %s['name']
                - KEY1['created_at'] = %s['created_at']
                - KEY1['weapons'] = []
        weapons :
            condition : hero_id = KEY1['hero_id']
            mapping   :
                - list:
                    - KEY1['weapons'].append({})
                    - KEY1['weapons'][-1]['weapon_name'] = %s['weapon_name']
                    - KEY1['weapons'][-1]['weapon_category'] = %s['weapon_category']
        heroes : KEY1
        #Collection name <== skeleton

The preliminary sections such as extraction and commit are self expanatory, stating the configuration settings for the extraction and commit databases. The component Migration is where all the magic happens!

Key name Intended Function
INIT_TABLE Inital table from which data needs to be migrated. This could be a prime table such as a transactions table with a primary key having multiple foreign constraints to other tables of the postgreSQL database. FOR EACH ENTRY IN THIS TABLE, THE LINKING OF OTHER TABLES WILL HAPPEN WHILE DEFINING THE TABLES.
INIT_KEYS KEYS of the init_table (aliases can be given using 'as')
SKELETON Skeleton is an empty raw python dictionary assignment which will transform to a mongodb document, upon migration
TABLES_ORDER The order by which the TABLES section needs to be executed for each of the entry from INIT_TABLE
TABLES Set of PostgreSQL tables enlisted along with condition and corresponding mapping. In the case of lists inside a dictionary, list can be mentioned. Mapping is where, the association of skeleton to the table keys is defined. The value assignments are python compatible; hence, they are defined by using '%s' and other python based variable transformation functions can be used over here.
COLLECTIONS This is where the push of the skeleton to the corresponding MongoDB collection takes place.

Happy Wrangling!!! :)


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