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Netlify Status


The ultimate static generated documentation theme for the JAM-stack. Highly customizable, based on Gridsome, ready to deploy to Netlify in one click. DEMO

Beware, Jamdocs is still in heavy development and will probably cahnge a lot in the near future. And the docs for it is still not completed.

Fast by default

Jamdocs is optimized to be as fast as possible, right now generating 100/100/100/100 score in Google Lighthouse. And 100/100 score in Google Page Speed Insights.

100/100/100/100 Lighthouse scores

Local installation for development

  1. git clone project-name.
  2. cd project-name
  3. gridsome develop.

Deploy a copy to netlify

Deploy to Netlify

Setup & configuration

See the demo, which is also the documentation, obviously!


  1. Improve the actual documentation for Jamdocs, in Jamdocs :)
  2. Build the homepage better, dividing stuff into components and so on.
  3. Implement Algolia search.
  4. Add a link to this repository from the demo.


  • Creds to the Netlify team for making an awesome all in one hosting soluiton for the JAM-stack.
  • Creds to the Gridsome team for developing a great foundation to build static sites.
  • Creds to Evan You for making Vue.
  • Creds to Cole Bemis for making feathericons, my favourite icon set.
  • Creds to Egoist, who's not that egoistic. Because he made vue-feather-icons.




Enjoy Jamdocs, and if you like and use this project commercially, please consider sponsoring on Github since I have put a lot of spare time into this.

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