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A plugin that sends M117 commands to the printer to display the progress of the print job being currently streamed. The message to display can be configured (some placeholders included). Example ETA Example ETL Example Percent


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:


    # Number of seconds (minimum) to rotate the messages
    time_to_change: 10
    eta_strftime: "%H:%M:%S Day %d"
    etl_format: "{hours:02d}:{minutes:02d}:{seconds:02d}"
    # Messages to display. Placeholders:
    # - completion : The % completed
    # - printTimeLeft : A string in the format "HH:MM:SS" with how long the print still has left
    # - ETA : The date and time formatted in "%H:%M:%S Day %d" that the print is estimated to be completed
    # - filepos: The current position in the file currently being printed
      - "{completion:.2f}% complete"
      - "ETL: {printTimeLeft}"
      - "ETA: {ETA}"
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