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Log4Shell Enumeration, Mitigation and Attack Detection Tool

Build 9c [GitHub Version], 16th December 2021

By Datto, For the MSP Community


This is a PowerShell-based script that can be run on a Windows system (it has been neither written for, nor tested with, other platforms) to:

  • (Optionally) inoculate the system against Log4Shell attacks with vulnerable Log4j versions by setting the LOG4J_FORMAT_MSG_NO_LOOKUPS environment variable to TRUE
    • Check whether any JAR files on the system contains code linking it to a vulnerable Log4j version
      • This is not conclusive and should be used for reference only
  • Using the YARA tool and Florian Roth's definitions, check all JAR, LOG and TXT files on the system for indicators of Log4Shell attacks

The script was originally developed as a Component for the Datto RMM software; however, as part of Datto's ongoing commitment to the MSP, it has been released for free for the Community.


Three environment variables (ie: $env:variableName) must be furnished, either by editing the script or by adding them in your runtime environment:

  • usrScanScope
    • Value of 1: Only scan home drive (usually C:) (Fastest scan time)
    • Value of 2: Scan all fixed and removable drives
    • Value of 3: Scan all drives, including Network drives (Slowest scan time -- may take several hours)
  • usrUpdateDefs
    • Value of true: Download the latest YARA definitions from Florian Roth to scan files against
    • Value of false: Use definitions attached
  • usrMitigate
    • Value of Y: Inoculate system by setting LOG4J_FORMAT_MSG_NO_LOOKUPS environment variable to TRUE
    • Value of N: De-inoculate system by setting LOG4J_FORMAT_MSG_NO_LOOKUPS environment variable to FALSE (Use with caution!)
    • Value of X: Ignore inoculation subroutine entirely

Included in package

  • Yara 4.1.3-1755 (32- & 64-bit) & COPYING document
  • Florian Roth's YARA definitions for Log4Shell as of 13th December 2021


  • Build 8b > Build 9c
    • Readability improvements for users running script from a single PowerShell console window
    • Log.txt and L4JDetectiond.txt will be written to local directories if C:\ProgramData\CentraStage does not exist
    • Example variables commented out at beginning of script for easy onboarding
    • Script now checks for administrative status
    • Script does not refer to UDFs for Non-RMM partners anymore


This script was written by seagull for Datto RMM and the wider MSP Community. It may be freely copied, edited and redistributed provided credits to Datto, seagull & a link to this GitHub repo remain in the comments.
YARA is a tool by the VirusTotal project. The definitions used here were created by Florian Roth.


Log4Shell Enumeration, Mitigation and Attack Detection Tool







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