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Open source project for P3GO supported by G-TEAM

The core of P3GO MCU is MIPS, so you need a cross compiler toolchain for your host system. You can download it from the link as blow. When you decompress compiler tools, you also need to add the installed path to your environment settings, like "export PATH=$PATH:~mips_compile/bin". 
Cygwin on Windows:

Directory structure
inc			--		common include directory
miniclib	    --	    small c library
mtv_50		--	    main project directory, there has already some payload projects, like hermes,kakroto,asbestos
release		--	    compile binary directory
soc_src		--	    some driver and system boot code
src		    --	ucos and mips header files

How to compile?
There is some example project in the mtv_50 directory; you can try to compile these by yourselves. 

  mtv_50/loader -- Hermers V4B payload
  mtv_50/loaderPL3  -- KaKaroto PL3 payload
  mtv_50/asbestos	--	WIP:porting asbestos loader

You can enter mtv_50/loader and "make build", then will generate homebrew.bin and update.bin in release directory if there is no error occured.

How to update your P3GO?
First you need update your P3GO to development version (please go to to download a development version update binary), then you can put you compiled update.bin to P3GO buildin disk not TF card disk, then re-plug your device to complete update. Note if you want to your custom firmware work, you must insert a TF card in the P3GO TF slot.

Example setup steps on cygwin
	Download and install cygwin to c:\cygwin on your pc, specialy you must selected and installed the development packet.
	Download the mipsel-gcc4.1-cygwin-nopic.tar.bz2 from above link and extract to c:\cygwin\opt, and then "mipseltools-nopic" directory will be created in c:\cygwin\opt.

	#cd /opt
	#bzip2 -d mipsel-gcc4.1-cygwin-nopic.tar.bz2
	#tar xf mipsel-gcc4.1-cygwin-nopic.tar

	edit C:\cygwin\home\Administrator\.bashrc and add "export PATH=/opt/mipseltools-nopic/bin:$PATH" to last of the bashrc file.

step4:  open open-p3go\mtv_50\loaderPL3\PL3\Makefile  and edit PS3_COMPILERS to suit the path of ps3toolchain
	restart cygwin and enter your open-p3go directory
	#cd mtv_50/loader
	#make clean
	#make build
	then if no error occur, you will get a homebrew.bin and update.bin in open-p3go/release.