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Topic: Take Command of Azure PowerShell & PowerShell 7


Cloud providers like Azure continually deliver new features and capabilities each day, like pieces to an ever expanding puzzle. I've found an edge to the puzzle in Azure PowerShell, and I'll share that edge with you in this beginner level session.

Using the latest PowerShell 7 release, we'll begin from first login, discovering command syntax, common command features and shortcuts, and how command line increases your understanding and ability to build confidently in the cloud.


About the Speaker: David Cobb, Principal Consultant of Cobb Information Technologies

David loves to learn and solve problems with technology, and teach others to do the same. He is principal consultant for Cobb Information Technologies since 1996, providing technology training and consulting for his clients. He is a MCT since 2002, certified in Azure Admin & Data Platform and AWS Sysops & Architect.


This is a CODE-INTENSIVE presentation/tutorial.

My goal is to encourage you to learn by doing after this presentation.

All code available on GitHub, and designed for you to fork or clone and step through (and customize and extend) on your own.

Submit an issue if you have question or find a problem Submit an Issue on the GitHub Repo.

Goals for this Session

Brief background on PS & Azure and the migration to PSCore/PS7

Into the code with PowerShell basics

Deeper into the code with PowerShell AZ Module

Learning syntax, command features, shortcuts

Increase understanding and confidence in Azure using PowerShell

PowerShell - Brief History

The Windows Years

The Core of the Matter

  • Microsoft made open source .Net Core to enable .Net Devs & Admins to be productive in Linux & macOS
  • PowerShell Core is built on .Net Core, and serves I.T. Admins, DevOps folks, AND Devs the same way.

"But I like PowerShell for Windows, why have they changed it to PowerShell Core?"

Current State of PowerShell


Windows (using PSReleaseTools)


My Environment

  • Win10 (could be any, because all cross platform)
  • VSCode with extensions (PowerShell Preview, Azure optional)
  • PS 7, AZ Module Installed

PowerShell Primer

How to run PowerShell 7

PowerShell Basics

Azure PowerShell

Out with AzureRM, in with AZ


Logging in


  • Accounts
  • Resources
  • Storage
  • Websites(WebApps)
  • KeyVault
  • Compute(VMs)
  • Monitor

Coming Soon: From Imperative to Declarative

  • ARM Templates
  • Terraform

Q & A

References and useful resources

Please reach out if you enjoyed or have questions

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