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UAlbertaBot is a StarCraft:BroodWar playing bot written in C++ with BWAPI: The BroodWar API. It has competed in most major StarCraft AI Competitions since 2010 and won the 2013 AIIDE StarCraft AI Competition. It is written by David Churchill, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Memorial University of Newfoundland and co-organizer of the AIIDE StarCraft AI Competition.


SparCraft is an open source StarCraft combat simulation package for Windows and Linux. It can be used to create standalone combat simulations or be imported into an existing BWAPI-based StarCraft bot to provide additional AI functionality. UAlbertaBot currently uses SparCraft for combat simulation and combat decision making.

Here is a video (click to play) of a sample SparCraft experiment playing for battles of size 32 vs. 32 units. The visualization is written in OpenGL and is included in the SparCraft download:


The StarCraft Build Order Search System (BOSS) is a StarCraft: BroodWar build order search and simulation package used to plan all build orders in UAlbertaBot. Its documentation is incomplete.