ansible role for building a drachtio server
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ansible-role-drachtio Build Status

This is an ansible role for building a drachtio server.

Role variables

Available variables are listed below, along with default values (see defaults/main.yml):

drachtioAdminPort: 9022

The TCP port that the drachtio server will listen on for client (app) connections.

drachtioSecret: cymru

The shared secret used by clients to authenticate.

drachtioSipInterface: eth0

The network device on which to listen for sip messages

drachtioAdminInterface: eth0

The network device on which to listen for client (app) connections.

drachtioLogFilePattern: drachtio.log

The name, or pattern, of the log file to write.

drachtioLogFileDirectory: /var/log/drachtio

The directory to write log files into.

drachtioLogArchiveDirectory: /var/log/drachtio/archive

The directory into which to archive log files

drachtioLogFileSize: 5

The size of the log file, in GiB, which, when reached, will cause the file to be rotated. Note that log files are also rotated on a daily basis.

drachtioLogFileMaxSize: 10

Specifies the maximum total size, in GiB, of current and archived files will keep before deleting archived files.

drachtioBranch: master

The github branch to build.

Example playbook

- hosts: all
  become: yes
    - ansible-role-drachtio