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SIP application server for the masses


  1. drachtio-server drachtio-server Public

    A SIP call processing server that can be controlled via nodejs applications

    C++ 219 83

  2. drachtio-srf drachtio-srf Public

    drachtio signaling resource framework

    JavaScript 153 51

  3. drachtio-freeswitch-modules drachtio-freeswitch-modules Public archive

    A collection of open-sourced freeswitch modules that I use in various drachtio applications

    C++ 160 105

  4. drachtio-fsmrf drachtio-fsmrf Public

    Drachtio freeswitch-based media resource function --

    JavaScript 45 24

  5. drachtio-rtpengine-webrtcproxy drachtio-rtpengine-webrtcproxy Public

    Webrtc proxy server built using drachtio (SIP Proxy) and rtpengine (RTP)

    JavaScript 38 19

  6. drachtio-siprec-recording-server drachtio-siprec-recording-server Public

    SIPREC recording server based on drachtio and rtpengine

    JavaScript 73 29


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