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This is an unofficial script that creates a Meter Validator Node in one command on Ubuntu/Debian linux environments. The main aims of this project are to reduce support queries and allow anyone, regardless of their experience, become validators.

Without the blockchain archive that is used in this script, a freshly installed node downloads all of the blockchain data from each of the other nodes on the chain. This is an extremelely slow process that can take over a day to complete. The blockchain archive contains the bulk of the blockchain data to run a node. After it is unpacked, only a small percentage (~5%) of the blockchain is downloaded via the slower node to node sync.

Important: Manual Configuration Required

You must manually open the ports on your server. The official Meter documentation shows each port required but if you are using AWS, Paul's guide is useful for showing the exact process.


Below are the possible options to use this tool
-d will download and install the blockchain archive
-f will force remove any existing docker images if you have attempted to install/run them before
-w will download and install watchtower
-p will delete the existing public key so that a new one is re-generated when meter_main boots
-y will assume yes for all prompts. Please do not use this if you haven't used the script before - the prompts explain what the script is doing
-h will show this prompt
-i /home/user/my-custom-folder allows you to use a different install directory

Please note that the options can be chained ie -dfw will chain the above options


The preferred method to execute this shell script is to call it directly from GitHub:

bash <(wget -q -O - -dfw

If you do not want to download the blockchain archive, you may remove the d flag.

You may pass flags linked or seperated -d -f -w is the same as -dfw

Simpler usage

You can boot a node without having to wait for the blockchain data to be downloaded with a live ssh session. It is now possibile to use the following command and install everything automatically in background.

After inserting this command the server will automatically reboot and the install process will continue in background.

It is not required that you keep the ssh session opened.

SSH into the server and paste the following command in your home directory:

bash <(wget -q -O -

How to check progress for the Simpler usage

You can check the progress of the automated install script by inserting the following command in your home directory:

tail -f node-creator.log


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