implementation of Perls Split command using PCRE
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Implementation of perl split() command in C using pcre.

perl split - pcre -




gcc -Wall -Wextra -pedantic -lpcre src/main.c src/pcre_split.c -Iinc -o PCRE_SPLIT

src/main.c contains a main function which will run the split command with a couple of examples.


#include "pcre_split.h"
split_t *pcre_split(char *regex, char *string);

Provided pointers to a regex and a string to search the pcre_split() function returns a pointer to a linked list of split_t structures. These structures contain pointers to a string, match and pointer to following matches. Where *string is the portion of the provided string before any found match, *match is the section of the provided string which matched the provided regular expression and *next points to the following split_t structure containing the remained of the data. See the pcre_split_print() function for an example of accessing the split_t data.

int pcre_split_free(split_t *pcre_split);

Frees the memory alloceted during the creation of the pcre_split.

##Dependencies## Mac - download and install pcre from the link above Ubuntu - I had issues with libraries not being found when installing from source. Use 'apt-get install libpcre3 libpcre3-dev' to install.