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Quokka Alias demo



This is a demo project to test aliased imports in Quokka using the Alias Quokka Plugin.

The project is split into 3 sub-folders, for ES5, ES6 and TypeScript as each language's NPM dependencies are different, and need to be set up for Quokka to work.

Each sub-folder is its own root repository, and you should open these folders in your IDE of choice and test Quokka there.


To enable Quokka to import and run local files via alias, you need 4 things:

  • for Quokka to be installed globally
  • the Quokka Alias plugin to be installed in your project
  • a Quokka config file in your project root
  • alias definitions in the config file


To use the plugin in your own project, follow the steps below.


Install Quokka using the instructions at Quokka JS.


If the PR to the original plugin has been merged, you can install via NPM:

npm install alias-quokka-plugin

Otherwise, install from the GitHub fork:

npm install --save-dev davestewart/alias-quokka-plugin#master


Copy or create a .quokka configuration file in the root of your project.


Add aliases to the alias section of the file, for example:

  "babel": true,
  "plugins": ["alias-quokka-plugin"],
  "alias": {
    "@/": "./src/",
    "@/classes/": "./src/classes/"

Note that the @ character is a convention, not a requirement.


See the individual sub-folders for working examples for:


If aliases are not correctly set up, you will get errors regarding finding files.

If the path identified in the error is the same as the path in the import, then it means a matching alias was not found, so the plugin was not invoked:

import bar from '@/foo/bar'
> Cannot find module '@/foo/bar'

If the alias was resolved successfully, but your path is incorrect, then Quokka Alias will warn you:

import bar from '@/classes/xxx'
> Cannot resolve module "./src/classes/xxx" via aliased path "@/classes/xxx"