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GLI provides many features to make a command-suite style application very easy.

  • Declarative DSL for parsing global options, identifying the command, command-specific options, and arguments. See Interface for what the UI of your application will be.
  • Multi-level command support (e.g. git remote add), see Subcommands
  • Automatic help command that describes your application's commands, but also describes the options to each command. All this is formatted nicely and you don't have to do a thing (see Home for an example)
  • Automatic management of an "rc-style" YAML-based configuration file. See Config for how to use it.
  • Assistance with shell completion of your application's commands. See ShellCompletion
  • Works on most Rubies. See Platforms.
  • Pre and Post hooks, as well as custom error handling. See Hooks.
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