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load working copy of async module after nodeunit in browser tests

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1 parent 828fa89 commit 051e1b2608e129d661d4665671e28edf7c89285c @caolan caolan committed Nov 24, 2010
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@@ -1,16 +1,12 @@
<title>Async.js tests</title>
- <!-- There are some awkward cross-dependencies here, nodeunit uses async
- internally and the browser version of async will be added to the
- global namespace. Because of this we only include nodeunit and it
- runs tests against the async lib bundled with that. If you make
- changes to async.js and want to test them you must also make a new
- nodeunit build for now...
- <script src="../lib/async.js"></script>
+ <!--
+ async must be included after nodeunit because nodeunit already uses
+ the async lib internally and will overwrite the version we want to test
<script src="../deps/nodeunit.js"></script>
+ <script src="../lib/async.js"></script>
var _async = this.async;
this.require = function () { return _async; };

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