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Gist: The Script

Works great with Gist: The Website.

Ported the Ruby script to Python..

Also supports:

  • Passing multiple files as arguments
  • Optionally Read from STDIN
  • Auto file type detection via ext
  • Read support and clone support


You need to set the GitHub config options to use this properly:

curl > gist
chmod 755 gist
sudo mv gist /usr/local/bin/gist


#Creates a new Gist
gist file.txt file2.js file3.html

#STDIN - Giving an extension
gist -e .js < myfile

#Debugging - This will print the Gist and not send it
gist -d -e .js < myfile

#Pull the Gist #12345
gist -r 12345

#Clone the Gist #12345
gist -r 12345 -c

Vim shortcut Key

Add these lines to your .vimrc file and you have a new shortcut: Shift + F9 will write the file and create a Gist from it

" Make a Gist of this file..
map <S-F9> :w<CR> :!gist %<CR>


  • Add directory support
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