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Using VNC as a graphics library

VNC's protocol, Remote Frame Buffer (RFB) is a fairly sane way to stream graphics and to receive keyboard and mouse events. A graphical application can theoretically be implemented as an RFB server, using no libraries except libc and libz. This is a simple demo of how such an app would work. Currently, it doesn't accept any user input, but just streams frames of a solid color rotating through the HCL color space (which I devised and implemented for other projects). I also haven't tested it with many implementations of VNC, but to my knowledge it conforms to the RFB 3.3 specification, so any conforming viewer should work.

$ make
$ ./color_rotate_zrle &
$ vncviewer localhost::4092

Future work:

  • Split out encoding to a send_rect function
  • Parse client messages
  • Provide user input handlers
  • Consider an SDL backend: same send_rect and register_handler likely apply
  • Implement a box model to route user input to interface elements
  • Implement font rendering with FreeType
  • Implement TeX+TikZ style graphics (big job)
  • Create useful interface elements for this platform