My xmonad config, the colour scheme is currently Zenburn, but a lime green and black scheme is in the testing-colour branch, "macstyle" is an ironic white black and blue color scheme
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.icons Misc updates Jun 9, 2011
.conky_bar Misc updates Jun 9, 2011 Fixed error in Nov 1, 2011
xmonad.hs Altered keybinds for dvorak Jun 26, 2011


Here is my xonad.hs, as well as any supporting material that is needed.


Simply copy my file into you ~/.xmonad directory and then recompile. Run "xmonad --recompile" and then Mod+q to restart xmonad.

Put the .conky_bar file into your home directory.

Update the absolute icon path in the xmonad.hs file

Put the .icon directory into your home directory.


xmonad (obviously) conky dzen2 (a new version) dmenu


To get the benefit of xft fonts in dzen, use an development version Icons can be obtained from


This file is released under the GNU GPL, please feel free to use it and modify it in any way you see fit.

If you feel your enhancements are worthwile, please feel free to fork the repo and share your changes with others.