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David Chu

EECS PhD, UC Berkeley (starting Fall 2020)
Computer Science B.S., Cornell University (Dec 2019)

I'm just starting out my PhD and am interested in distributed systems research.
In my spare time, I love playing badminton, teaching, and listening to classical music. Here's a video of my senior recital, where I performed Brahms Ballades Op. 10, Thomas Ades' Darknesse Visible, and Beethoven's Appassionata Op. 57, one of my favorite sonatas.

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Scalog: Seamless Reconfiguration and Total Order in a Scalable Shared Log
Cong Ding, David Chu, Evan Zhao, Xiang Li, Lorenzo Alvisi, & Robbert Van Renesse
In 17th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI 20) (pp. 325–338)

Reliable, Efficient Recovery for Complex Services with Replicated Subsystems
Free link
Edward Tremel, Sagar Jha, Weijia Song, David Chu, & Ken Birman
In 50th IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN 2020)

Extra-curricular projects

Cornell Design & Tech Initiative

DTI for short, a project team focused on using technology to generate community impact. That means creating events to educate students on web and mobile technologies and creating apps and websites to help the student community. My proudest achievement is the establishment of biweekly DevSeshes and onboarding sessions for developers on the team, in which I taught developers on the team upcoming technologies such as React, Firebase, and Android/iOS programming.

Here are some projects I've worked on as part of the team.

CUEvents cue eve

Showcase Frontend & Backend iOS Android
A platform to gather all events on campus. I was a front-end developer, then product manager on this subteam. I've helped program all aspects of the app, including its Android (Java), iOS (Swift), backend (Django), and frontend (React) components. It's currently in beta.

Cornell Orientation

Backend iOS Source Android Source
An app to provide students with personalized events for orientation week based on the college they're enrolled in, with built-in search, filters, and directions. I created the Android (Java) and iOS (Swift) portions of the app, as well as rewriting the backend from Django to Firebase.

Personal projects

And My Code Is Ended

Android Source Backend
An app to wake the user up with a line of code. If you're tired of constantly checking when your code is finished, add that line of code to your script, go to sleep, and be woken up by the app!

Visit Once

Chrome Store Source
A chrome extension that limits selected websites to a single visit a day, created to maximize productivity.

NSHS Guide

Frontend & Backend iOS Source Android Source
An iOS, Android app + website for students at Newton South High School to check which classes they can skip for that day. It's integrated into each students' daily schedule so they are each alerted which of their teachers are absent. The app read emails sent by the principal's secretary, parsed it with PHP, stored the data in MySQL, and beamed messages to users detailing their updated schedule. I was the sole Android and iOS developer on the app, working with Eric Lin, the backend developer. I also rewrote the backend in PHP and frontend in Polymer.js, pushed by Google as an Angular alternative at the time.

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