An Android app for Student Orientation Week
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O-Week v3.2



An Android app for incoming freshmen to use during their first week as a Cornell student. The iOS branch can be found here.

Getting Started

You will need Android Studio 3.1.3 to run the latest version of this app, which uses the following SDKs. Remember to check "Show Package Details" on the lower right:

SDK Platforms (tab)

  • Android API 27
    • Android SDK Platform 27, Revision 3

SDK Tools (tab)

  • Android SDK Build-Tools 27.0.3
  • Android Emulator (if you don't have an Android phone)
  • Android SDK Platform-Tools 28.0.0
  • Android SDK Tools 26.1.1
  • Documentation for Android SDK
  • Google Play Services, rev 49
  • Support Repository
    • ConstraintLayout for Android 1.0.2
    • Solver for ConstraintLayout 1.0.2
    • Android Support Repository, rev 47
    • Google Repository 58

Last updated 8/15/2018.

Design Choices

  • All objects are presumed to not be null when passed into a method as a parameter. If an object can be null, use the annotation @Nullable.
  • Syntax:
    • Indent with tabs.
    • Put curly braces on a new line, like so:
    if (blah)
    • If a statement fits in a single line, don't use brackets at all, like so:
    if (blah)
    • ClassesShouldBeNamedLikeThis, as should enums and interfaces. (upper camel case)
    • methodsShouldBeNamedLikeThis, as should non-static or non-final variables. (lower camel case)
    • STATIC_VARS_SHOULD_BE_NAMED_LIKE_THIS, as should any final variables (or variables whose values shouldn't be changed).
  • RecyclerViews are used instead of ListViews. Each RecyclerView should have a separate Adapter class and at least 1 ViewHolder class.
  • TAGs are set on the top of some classes for logging. Set up a shortcut to easily create TAGs for classes by following this article.
  • An "Event" can refer to 2 things, judging on context:
    1. An Event that will occur during orientation week.
    2. Something to notify listeners of. For example, a click event.

Dependencies & Libraries

  • Guava - a Google Library containing lots of helpful classes for Java. Most notably, immutable data structures (like ImmutableList) and EventBus, which provides a way for classes that do not have references to each other to communicate.
  • JodaTime - a library for immutable time objects, unsupported by Java 7. Includes lots of useful data structures and methods; plus, immutable objects are almost always safer when passing by reference.


Screenshots showing major parts of app



  • David Chu - Developer Lead


  • David Chu - Product Manager
  • Amanda Ong - Front-End Developer
  • Jagger Brulato - Front-End Developer
  • Qichen (Ethan) Hu - Front-End Developer


  • David Chu - Front-End Developer

We are a team within Cornell Design & Tech Initiative. For more information, see its website here.