Gem for checking that your project's gems are available in Fedora/EPEL repos
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Pkgwat is a ruby gem for querying gem versions from RPM repos. It's based off of pkgwat.cli and it uses

Installing pkgwat

gem install pkgwat

Alternatively, if you're using a Gemfile, just add this:

gem 'pkgwat'

Using pkgwat

Inside your code, simply require rubygems and pkgwat. Then you use it like so:


# this will return true or false if the package exists
Pkgwat.check_gem("pry", "0.9.10", ["Fedora EPEL 6", "Fedora 19", "Rawhide"])

Rake Tasks

To check your gems in bundler against Fedora repos, run:

rake pkgwat:check

Developing pkgwat


  • ruby 2.0 (or greater)
  • rvm (optional but recommended)
  • rubygems
  • bundler (gem install bundler)

Getting started

To develop pkgwat, check out the git repo and bundle:

git clone pkgwat
cd pkgwat # accept the rvmrc file
bundle install # run bundler

Then just fire up irb:

irb -Ilib -rpkgwat
>> Pkgwat.get_versions("runcible")
=> [{"release"=>"Rawhide", ...


To run the pkgwat test suite execute via rake:

rake test

Also you can run an individual test:

ruby -Itest test/pkgwat_test.rb

To record your interactions via VCR and use the actual web APIs:

rake test mode=all