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A cross-platform GUI/CLI app for writing metadata to digital comics (fork)
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A fork from the primary dev branch at


  • Ported to Python 3
  • Ported to PyQt5
  • Added more application and GUI awareness of the unrar library, and removed references to the old scheme that used the unrar executable.
  • Got working again to build sdist packages, suitable (I think) for PyPI. An install from the package will attempt to build unrar library. It should work on most Linux distros, and was tested on a Mac OSX system with dev tools from homebrew. If the library doesn't build, the GUI has instructions on where to download the library.
  • Removed/changes obsolete links to old Google code website.
  • Set a environment variable to scale the GUI on 4k displays


  • I did some testing with the pyinstaller build, and it worked on both platforms. I did encounter two problems:
  • In you can also find the remains of an attempt to do some desktop integration from a pip install. It does work, but can cause problems with wheel installs, and I don't know if it's worth the bother. I kept the commented-out code in place, just in case.

With Python 3, it's much easier to get the app working from scratch on a new distro, as all of the dependencies are available as wheels, including PyQt5, so just a simple "pip install" is all that's needed.

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