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Shazam Equation - formula image for t-shirt.png
Shazam Equation - the 12 Parts.png
Shazam Equation Draft - Grapher file.gcx
Shazam Equation Graph for T-shirt.png
Shazam Equation Mathematica Notebook.nb
Shazam Equation T-shirt back.jpg
Shazam Equation T-shirt front.jpg


This was part of a hackday project - it's the equivalent of the Batman equation, but for the Shazam logo symbol. So, it's a (non-parametric) equation which, when its zeros are plotted, gives the Shazam (the music app) logo symbol.

"Shazam" and its logo are trademarks and registered trademarks of Shazam Entertainment Limited.

This was first drafted using the default Grapher app in OSX, and the refined further into a Mathematica notebook.

Equation image Equation graph

These are the twelve parts of half of the Shazam logo. The other half is just some sign changes. Could probably have used 4 less factors but hey. Equation parts

T-shirts! T-shirt front T-shirt back