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a small and versatile usb HID device
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PassType Pro
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PassType is small and versatile USB HID device: name something you can do with keyboard and mouse on your computer and PassType can do it for you faster, better and a million times over!

The idea

Quite often you are requested to log in to accounts from a pc that is not yours, from a device you don't fully trust or to do repetitive tasks. You can use the always same password but it is a very bad practice with awfull consequences... you should use 10 characters or more passwords with numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters in it and possibly change them once in a while. A nightmare to remember and even worse to type in right at first try. Sometimes one of my relatives have problems remembering a password, such as wifi or similar stuff. PassType (yeah... this name comes from the contraction of "password type in device") is a very cheap and simple to use automation device, capable of storing password and macros and to type/execute them in every device! It works with every computer and it can even be plugged and used on smartphones. Every system supporting some sort of keyboard and/or mouse is compatible with PassType!

A versatile set of tools for newbies and pros

This small device can be used to perform tasks that are boring, repetitive or to type in hundreds of characters in few seconds. Actually it can do everything that a human in 15 minutes can do with mouse and keyboard in only few seconds. The first version of PassType is now called PassType Shield. The name comes from the fact that it is almost a shield for Arduino Pro Micro. The new version will be even more flexible, have a better storing system, encryption of datas and a lot of new features in a even smaller form factor!

Getting Started

You can build your own PassType from scratch, buy the pcb, the already smd soldered pcb or the full device from us directly. Contact us at for pcbs and full devices. All files needed are in this repo (still to be updated)



  • Davide Nesi - Dev
  • Eero Prittinen - Dev
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