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What is this?

This is a base/starting point for a simple web app. Includes jQuery 1.5, Underscore 1.1.4, and plugins.js from HTML5 Boilerplate. It also uses the stylesheet from HTML5 Boilerplate as a base. As well as setting up some default directories.

The "Installation" below is only necessary if you want the convenience of using a stand-alone web server for this app (thin), using passenger, or using the server as a proxy for cross-site json requests.


Dependencies: Ruby, RubyGems, Sinatra, Thin

On OSX, both Ruby and RubyGems should be installed by default.

To install Sinatra and Thin:

$ sudo gem install sinatra
$ sudo gem install thin

To start the app locally (from this directory):

$ thin start

The app should be running on localhost, port 3000. Now just point your browser to http://localhost:3000/

If you're on OSX and you'd prefer to use Passenger:

I recommend PassengerPane, follow the directions there to get all set-up.

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