Demonstration of using Flask, SQLAlchemy, and Alembic together.
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Basic Flask

This sample project shows how I organize a project to use Flask, Flask-SQLAlchemy, and Alembic together. It demonstrates the application factory pattern and is organized using blueprints.

Demonstrating migration generation

I used Alembic to autogenerate a migration and then tweaked the results. If you want to see autogeneration in action, just delete alembic/versions/, then run alembic revision --autogenerate -m "user models".

Set up the database

Change basic_app.config.SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI to what you want. By default it points to a sqlite file called app.db in the project folder.

Then run alembic upgrade head to set up the database through migrations.

Or, permform the following from a Python shell.

In [1]: from basic_app import create_app, db
In [2]: create_app().app_context().push()
In [3]: db.create_all()

Then run alembic stamp head to mark migrations as current.


Created in answer to this question on /r/flask and StackOverflow: