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Raspberry Pi configuration

A collection of useful Salt states for configuring Raspberry Pi devices. At present, the configuration is specifically designed for Raspbian, though because Salt is OS-agnostic may work on other distros.

It also contains an eclectic collection of tools and applications that are useful for a Pi or just plain fun.

Eventually, the common configuration may be refactored into a formula-style, separate Git repository so it can be more easily reused with Pillar data. If this interests you, create an issue and let me know!



  • pi.common: Installs base packages
  • pi.common.timezone: Timezone configuration
  • pi.common.locale: Locale configuration
  • pi.common.editor: Editor configuration (EDITOR variable)
  • pi.common.openssh: OpenSSH configuration (Git environment variables)
  • pi.common.wifi: Configure wifi settings
  • pi.common.cifs: CIFS mounts
  • pi.common.sshfs: SSHFS mounts
  • pi.common.ssh: SSH key generation
  • pi.common.keyboard: Keyboard configuration (US)
  • pi.common.rtc: General configuration for setting up RTCs (disable fake-hwclock, enable hwclock etc) on any environment
  • pi.common.reboot: Reboot the device
  • pi.common.user: Remove default passwords from user accounts
  • pi.common.python-smbus: Python SMBus packages

Raspberry Pi-specific

  • pi.common.update: Raspberry Pi update state (upgrade packages, rpi-update, reboot)
  • pi.common.expand-rootfs: Expands the root filesystem to fill the SD card
  • pi.common.raspi-config: Remove profile.d script stating you need to run raspi-config on SSH login (or running it for you as root)
  • pi.common.reduce-sd-activity: Tweak the filesystem for reducing SD card r/w cycles
  • Raspberry Pi Camera packages and installation
  • pi.common.i2c: I2C Device Tree overlay, setup and packages
  • pi.common.rtc.ds3231: DS3231 Real-Time Clock (RTC) configuration via Device Tree overlays
  • pi.common.usb-power: Configure USB for maximum current
  • pi.common.heartbeat-led: Enable activity LED heartbeat via overlays
  • pi.common.pifm: PiFM installation

Provisioning targets

First, configure any relevant private data within salt/roots/pillar. Then, provision like so:

salt-ssh [hostname] state.apply

Identifiers for this command come from the Salt roster file (salt/roster).


  • Salt 2016.3.6+ (may work on earlier versions)

  • Your master (the computer running Salt) must have root-level SSH access to the given host via key-based authentication.

  • If your host is Debian/Ubuntu, you must have certifi installed:

    sudo easy_install certifi


Salt-based configuration for Raspberry Pi computers.






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