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A dice roller for FATE and FUDGE role playing games (RPGs). Throws 4dF

If you just want to use the roller, go here.

What are FATE/FUDGE dice?

FATE dice are normal six sided dies with a + on two sides, a - on two sides, and two blank sides. The dice are typically thrown in groups of four, and the result of the roll is the sum of the individual rolls.

For example if you roll four FATE dice and two land showing +, another lands showing -, and the fourth die face is blank, the sum would be +1. In RPGs that use FATE dice, results greater than 0 traditionally indicate a successful roll, and results less than 0 indicate failure.

About this demo

This is a single page client-side js web app. It uses jQuery for DOM manipulation and animation. It uses modern CSS, a media query, and heavy use of viewport units to provide a responsive, mobile friendly user interface.


A dice roller for FATE and FUDGE role playing games (RPGs)



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