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SecuritySpy Command Line Interface (secspy)

Works with SecuritySpy v4 and v5.


This app was written as a way to test and provide example usage of the securityspy library. This app will be updated slowly as I feel like adding new feature.

If you have feature requests or bug reports, please open an Issue.


Install with homebrew.

brew install golift/mugs/secspy
secspy --help


You can install on Linux with a DEB or RPM. Those are on the Releases page, and available in a packagecloud repo. Install the repo and secspy like this:

curl -s | sudo bash -s - secspy


Or use a Docker image.

docker pull golift/secspy:stable
docker run golift/secspy:stable --help


Example output from --help

Usage: secspy [--user <user>] [--pass <pass>] [--url <url>] [-c <cmd>] [-a <arg>]
  -a, --arg string       if cmd supports an argument, pass it here. ie. -c pic -a Porch:/tmp/filename.jpg
  -c, --command string   Command to run. Currently supports: events/callback, cams, pic, vid, trigger, files, download, ptz, arm
  -p, --pass string      Password to authenticate with
  -U, --url string       SecuritySpy URL (default "")
  -u, --user string      Username to authenticate with
  -s, --verify-ssl       Validate SSL certificate if using https
  -v, --version          Print the version and exit
pflag: help requested