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CakePHP 1.3 plugin for beanstalkd.
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  E Plugin for CakePHP

  ---- Queue is a CakePHP plugin for interfacing with beanstalkd, a fast,
       distributed, in-memory workqueue service.

  This plugin was started with the idea that it may become a place for
  classes connecting to various kinds[1] of queues. However since ages there
  has support for beanstalkd only, which is a fantastic queue btw.


  Originally written for CakePHP 1.3 and maintained since as early as 2009 this
  project will not receive any future updates. There will be no port of it - lead
  by myself - to make it compatible with CakePHP 2.x or any future version

  The most important part of this plugin has already been extracted and will be
  living under

  Thanks for all the support!

  See the AUTHORS file.

  Copyright & License
  Queue Plugin for CakePHP is Copyright (c) 2009-2012 David Persson
  if not otherwise stated. The code is distributed under the terms
  of the MIT License. For the full license text see the LICENSE file.


  1. Extract the downloaded archive.
  2. Move or copy the extracted directory davidpersson-queue-[hash]
     to /path/to/your/app/plugins/queue.
  3. Configure the connection to the queue server in your database.php.
     You may also add 'host' and 'port' keys depending on your setup.
        // ...
        'queue' => array('datasource' => 'beanstalkd')

  Versions & Requirements
  1.0.0, CakePHP 1.3.x, PHP >=5.2.1, beanstalkd >=1.2
  1.1.0, CakePHP 1.3.xm PHP >=5.2.1, beanstalkd >=1.2 (in progress)

  1. Start the beanstalkd server.
  2. Add jobs to the queue utilizing the included job model.
        return ClassRegistry::init('Queue.Job')->put(compact('file', 'process'));
  3. Start the included debug worker.
     $ cake queue

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