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Fast, lightweight i3status replacement written in Go
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Goblocks is a fast, lightweight i3status replacement written in Go, using the Go-i3barjson library to communicate with i3bar.

The main goal of this project is to have all of the status indicator modules written in pure Go with minimal reliance on external processes. This will keep Goblocks fast and lightweight, allowing the user to configure Goblocks with a very high update frequency without fear of taking up excessive system resource and battery.


  • Status indicators for:
    • XKB toggled keys (caps lock, num lock, etc.)
    • ZFS status
    • RAID status (mdraid only)
    • filesystem usage
    • system load
    • memory availability
    • CPU temperature
    • network interfaces (up/down status, IP addresses)
    • wifi signal strength
    • battery level
    • volume (ALSA or Pulse channels through amixer)
    • uptime
    • date/time
  • Ability to show output from arbitrary commands.
  • Configuration in YAML format (see config/goblocks-full.yml).
  • Color support.
  • Ability to configure separate refresh intervals for each individual block.
  • Ability to configure UNIX signal handlers to refresh individual blocks.
  • Ability to reload the configuration by sending the HUP signal (e.g. pkill -HUP goblocks).
  • Debug option to pretty-print Goblocks' JSON output.

Below is an example of what the configuration at config/goblocks-screenshot.yml might look like:


This is an example of what a block that's gone critical might look like:



Gobocks requires Go version 1.7+.

Arch users can install Goblocks using the Goblocks AUR package.

Goblocks can also be installed manually with the following commands:

go get
mkdir -p $HOME/.config/goblocks
cp $GOPATH/src/ $HOME/.config/goblocks/goblocks.yml

Optional dependecies

The following status indicators have additional dependencies:

  • volume
    • requires the amixer utility
  • zfs
    • requires the zpool utility


Goblocks configuration is specified in YAML. The configuration file path is $HOME/.config/goblocks/goblocks.yml. A full configuration example with all available block types and options can be found at config/goblocks-full.yml.


To use Goblocks in your i3bar, add the Goblocks binary to the bar section of your i3 config. Note that if $GOPATH/bin/ is not in your $PATH variable, then you'll have to specify the full path to the Goblocks binary.

You can reload Goblocks' configuration without restarting i3 by sending the HUP signal to Goblocks:

pkill -HUP goblocks

You can debug Goblocks' output by running it on the command line. If you set the debug config option to true, then Goblocks will pretty-print the JSON output, making it easier to read.


If you would like to see a new feature or enhancement in Goblocks, please feel free to submit an issue or pull request.


  • Update README with instructions for adding modules.
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