Snow / Windows Azure / Twitter Bootstrap Example template for creating new static sites
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A Snow template that uses Bootstrap 3, and is designed for static site deployment Azure websites. The template is pre-configured to play nicely with Azure website deployments via Kudu, so simply creating your own Git repo on GitHub and pointing Azure to it will have you launched instantly.


Click here:


  1. Create your own repository on GitHub
  2. Clone Sandra.Snow.AzureTemplate
  3. Copy all files into your repository
  4. Push to your GitHub
  5. Edit Snow/snow.config - change the siteUrl to your azure site Url.
  6. Edit Snow/CNAME - to contain your azure site Url.
  7. Edit Snow/_layouts/default.cshtml - To tweak the default bootstrap template layouts.
  8. Edit Snow/about.cshtml to update your about blurb
  9. Configure Azure Websites autodeploy to point to your new repository.
  10. Profit!