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[Note: You should probably use TopShelf now instead of this] A base class collection / pattern for simply building Windows services that run as services and console apps.
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A base class for self-installing Windows Services with debugging hooks to run as console apps without requiring InstallUtil This allows you to build Windows services that also can be F5 run / debugged straight from Visual Studio with minimal effort.

SimpleServices allows you to manually control service installation from code, rather than awkward designer files that do code-gen.

  • Support for IoC Containers
  • Support for manipulation of installation in code
  • Creates auto-installing services (no SVCUTIL required!)
  • Support for logging frameworks
  • Built in App cache concurrent dictionary to share state between isolated hosted IWindowsServices.

Getting started

Simple services requires you do two things:

  • Implement the interface IWindowsService on the entry point of your application logic class
  • Use it's bootstrapping code to initilise your app.


If you had a console app that looked like this:

public static void Main_Original(string[] args)
    Console.WriteLine("Hello world!");
    Console.WriteLine("Goodbye world!");

You would first need to extract out your login into a class that implemented IWindowsService. The interface looks like this:

public interface IWindowsService
    ApplicationContext AppContext { get; set; }
    void Start(string[] args);
    void Stop();

Once you did that, you'd have a class that looked like this:

class MyService  : IWindowsService
    public ApplicationContext AppContext { get; set; }

    public void Start(string[] args)
        AppContext.Log("Hello world!");

    public void Stop()
        AppContext.Log("Goodbye world!");

Which is now ready to run as either a console app or a windows service. Now, you'd want to replace your application startup code in Main with this:

public class Program : SimpleServiceApplication
    private static void Main(string[] args)
        new Service(args,
                    new List<IWindowsService> { new MyService() }.ToArray,
                    installationSettings: (serviceInstaller, serviceProcessInstaller) =>
                        serviceInstaller.ServiceName = "SimpleServices.ExampleApplication";
                        serviceInstaller.StartType = ServiceStartMode.Manual;
                        serviceProcessInstaller.Account = ServiceAccount.LocalService;
                    configureContext: x => { x.Log = Console.WriteLine; })

And when you press F5, your application will behave just as it did before.

But what do I get that's extra?

Now that you've started using SimpleServices, you can install your application as a Windows service by calling:

  • MyExeName.exe /i or MyExeName.exe /install

and you can uninstall by calling:

  • MyExeName.exe /u or MyExeName.exe /uninstall

Get it!

  • Pull / build this repository
  • From NuGe => PM> Install-Package simpleservices
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