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Couch Events

An application for distributing event notifications in a pub/sub manner. This is just a quick sketch of an idea for refactoring some of the CouchDB internals to lessen the amount of coupling in certain features.

Basic Design

Code that wants to subscribe to an event channel would just do:


The channel name can be any arbitrary term but should match one of the event sources if the subscriber ever wants to receive notifications. The channel name list/discovery is out-of-band from normal operation (ie, documentation).

Code that wants to generate an event notice simple does:



?SEND_EVENT(ChannelName, Event)

Where ChannelName and Event are both arbitrary terms but should be documented somewhere for client code. Event will most likely end up being a JSON term but that's only by convention for now.

Performance Concerns

If we're going to use this sort of event system for lots and lots of events as well as expect it to handle a significant number of clients then we need to make sure that the core pieces are as efficient as possible. In general this means a couple things.

  1. Don't route all event messages through a central distributor
  2. Minimize the message passing when there aren't any subscribers so that we can have lots of event types for debugging and the like that don't place undo load on the system when no one is listening
  3. Channels should be runtime changeable and not a compile time flag

To this end, the basic internal architecture is made of three basic parts. The first part is couch_events_server which manages instances of couch_events_channel which in turn are repsonsible for distributing event messages to clients.

At initialization, couch_events_server has no channels. When a client requests to subscribe to a channel that doesn't exist, a message is routed through couch_events_server that ends up creating the channel.

couch_events_channel keeps track of its own subscribers and when it finds that it has no more it exits cleanly which couch_events_server notices so that it removes the channel from operation.

Subscribers can either unsubscribe directly or just exit to remove their subscription status. Subscribers can subscribe to multiple channels. Each subscription is identified by a Ref so it can figure out where each event message originated. Event messagse are of the form '{event, Ref, Event}' where Ref was returned as '{ok, Ref}' from couch_events_server:subscribe.

Code that wants to notify channels of events can use the '?SEND_EVENT' macro defined in couch_events.hrl. This macro checks first if the channel is alive and only sends a message when it is. In the case when no channel exists this is a single functionc all. In the case where a channel does exist its a function call and a message pass.

The secret sauce of all this is in couch_events_kv.erl which is a dynamic K/V module based on Bob Ippolitto's mochiglobal. Basically it dynamically recompiles a module everytime a channel is created or destroyed (which is expected to be rather seldom). The module is a single function that relies on pattern matching to look up the channel's pid before sending the message. This is much simpler than it sounds.