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From Zero to Emonk

Code and notes for my Erlang Factory talk.


  1. This talk
  2. What is a NIF?
  3. Your first NIF a. Code sample b. Output
  4. Simple term manipulations a. Creating terms b. Testing terms c. Getting terms from argv
  5. Resource Objects a. What are they? b. How can we use them? c. Pointers! i. Code sample ii. Output d. State mutation! i. Code sample ii. Output
  6. Environments a. What are they? b. Why do we need them?
  7. Message Passing a. Sending terms i. Code sample ii. Output
  8. Threading a. Yes threads b. Thin wrapper around pthreads c. term_sending i. Code sample ii. Output d. queue i. Code sample ii. Output
  9. Emonk - What is it? a. JavaScript (YANEJE) b. Erlang API c. JavaScript API
  10. SpiderMonkey - Runtime, Context, Go
  11. Emonk - Architecture a. Big picture
  12. Emonk - NIF API Usage a. Creating a context i. Creating a vm_t ii. Thread initialization b. Submitting an eval job
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